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Protect yourself from corona virus

Corona Virus
Corona Virus

The topic is important and dangerous, and I want a little focus, because it is related to our health and our lives, so we need to care because the topic is not very risky, so we will do some very simple needs that will enrich us and enrich our country about many problems, I would like to focus on the words that were left and disliked by the disease

Corona is true, this is influenza, but like what we knew, it was not normal and deadly, and we watched the newscasts and the numbers that increase every day, especially the elderly, medicine and then we protect ourselves and our children, how ???? The methods are very simple, but you do not hesitate to work and do it, and, God willing, you will attack the best ... Focus on it .

The first thing we all know is "the muzzle". We wear the muzzle in the crowded places. If you have to go down in the crowd, it is necessary to wear it, why? Because the spray and sneezing that transmit the disease, and try to keep the distance between you and the people, are not less than a meter if you can, but only the latest research says that the mask is worn in the public places

Another thing is the antiseptic, water, and soap, so I should use a glass of alcohol by answering it from the pharmacy. It is called "ethyl alcohol". If you don't see any kind of cologne, why is this ??? To cleanse hands, if you touch the needs of the car door, chair, window, or any other need, you can transmit the disease to hands and always keep in mind that you do not touch or suspect your eyes, and your hands are not antiseptic or washed with water and soap is good, and the idea of washing hands with soap is good and for a period less than 20 seconds, it means good lust, so no words.

After that, I needed to keep all the things around him and could transmit the disease, like any of this ??? Like if I were in my job, for example, I would cleanse tools and surfaces where the virus is possible, in which the office uniform or door handle relates to it, and all these needs can be transmitted. Strong antiseptic and eliminates this virus.

Fourth thing we care about our health and sports, which means we eat good and good, it doesn't mean much, good enough for healthy and protein in it means meat, chicken or fish and fresh vegetables and fruits, and we also drink warm drinks, anise and tele Mint and all these needs are very useful, we keep away from iced drinks and pure ice cream this period, and every day we play a bit of morning sport, which does not include a specific sport, maybe it plays a little Swedish exercises, stomach, pressure and others, and it happens even if at the place, the sport is important very .

The last psychological need ,,,, oh psychological factor is very important, I mean, he doesn’t need anything, and as long as you do what you want, the rest will remain on our Lord and trust that he is old, he will not answer anything but all the good. God is a crisis, so you will go as far as before him so much for mankind .....

I hope I have gathered useful information that I intended to present in an easy and simple way so that everyone who reads it and takes advantage of it will understand it and may God remove us from you and you from all evil .......




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