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About Google

Google is an American company associated with the Internet search field and also sending emails through Gmail. Headquartered in California, the company has more than 20,000 permanent employees founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Without talking about many details everyone knows well about Google as it is easy to write Google through search engines will show you in the search engines all the details about the company and its profits and other, but today we will talk about Google differently

Let's first imagine when we talk about Google, the shape of the world without Google, ie let's go back to before 1998, which is the general year in which the company was founded

Transparency and available data

The question that arises now. Is it possible for any event in the world to happen now that you don't know? And the answer is certainly not any event is happening now in the world will know as soon as it occurs If for example an earthquake somewhere in the world will reach you the news as soon as it occurs by clicking and one on Google, and even if you do not search on Google make sure that the news will arrive and not Just as a story, but you can also watch a video on YouTube, a Google company as well, and you will know all the details about the earthquake and how magnitude and magnitude of the effects left behind as well.

We can say that in the time of Google all the data became available and that is what made Google launch a campaign Ask Google Yes Imagine that Google person and you can you ask him anything and will answer you in the same moment and many sources and not one source which is what It will give you a lot of credibility and reassurance.

A more credible world

There is no doubt that the world in the time of Google has become more credible and less lying before as there is more than one source of information available. If you are not sure of the accuracy of a particular information or news within a particular Web site, you can search for other sources of information or news within other sites, which will make you ultimately very confident in the accuracy and accuracy of this information or the news you have reached and made sure His health in more than one site.

The world in the time of Google has become a less fraudulent world than before, as it is not possible at this time to deceive someone with false information because you are very easy to detect deception from Google search engines.

For example, I will talk here about my personal experience and I am a person who was working in the field of music and I have experience in him, even if simple and I know the names of many and many poets and composers, but sometimes he came across a person and tell me, for example, that the author of this song or someone else claims He is the composer of another song and despite my experience in the artistic field as I talked before, but at times I was skeptical about the sincerity of my information so what to do. All I was doing at the moment was to ask my friend Google, which will prove the truth in the end.

Did you see well I discovered the trick that this person did not actually compose this song was a fraudster yes fraudster, but who made me know that it was possible to believe that it is Google, who once pressed one of the search engines gave me the answer not only in this person's lie but He made me know the author's real name as well. Yes, Google's time is certainly more credible.

the world is in your hands

Yes, for example, you want to go to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, all you have to do is ask Google and you will find the answer in a single click through Google Maps, which will serve as your guide You can also ask Google about the availability of food and you will find the answer also easily and will also give you more than an alternative to the quality of food That you want. Oriental, Western or Indian food

Have you seen how easy it is? Have you seen that the world is already in your hands? You would have imagined had it not been for Google in these situations what would have happened.

Renew hope and wishes and achieve justice

I am a person who love music, writing and works of art in general, and there are many people like me who have these and many other talents. But for circumstances that these people, including myself, can not work in these professions, either because they do not have a chance to work in these areas or because these areas require a certain amount of material or otherwise.

Google opened them many doors and free of charge, for example, you are a person who likes to write like me, but there is no newspaper or publishing house want to give you the opportunity to write and publish your articles. There is no problem Google opened you closed door will have a special newspaper to write what you want and You can also make a profit from it and it's all free. Of course, through Blogger Google will give you free space to write freely and publish as you like at no charge.

You are a person who loves music or singing or wishes to be a famous presenter and did his alliance circumstances. Do not worry the opportunity is still now in the time of Google, it is possible to have a special channel for you on YouTube and easily and for free and provide what you want from the content and make everyone watch you and possible if you provide good content and attract viewers to get Money for that.

Yes, of course, it is justice in every sense of the word You provide what you want from the content and the only Faisal after that is the audience that views and assesses whether this content is worth watching or reading or not. Justice also provided opportunities for many to submit their work and waited a lot and many more until Google opened the door again and you have many and many 
success models that have achieved success through YouTube, Blogger and other

Providing many job opportunities

Google has helped create many jobs, either directly or indirectly, as there are many Google products that can easily help you to make a profit, but all you have to do is learn and work hard. Profit effortless and also remember that Google is one of the most rigorous and firm and fair companies give you your right with all fairness and face any fraud with all packages.

In the end I can only thank on behalf of all of humanity to Google, which I do not think that there is a person on earth did not benefit from Google, whether physical, moral or intellectual. Thank you, Google, on behalf of everyone who searched your engines one day for a cure for his illness, for a drug he does not find, by not knowing how to go to him, for news or information he needed so much, about the weather degrees to know how to start his day, Lots and lots and lots.

Thanks Google Thanks Larry Page and Sergey Brin.





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