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How to eliminate insects in dogs

Raising pets, especially dogs, is a blessing that only the one who deals with these creatures knows, since everyone has traits that you rarely find in humans at this time. Waiting for the opposite of a lot of people who give them everything and in the end you do not find any amount, even a simple amount of fulfillment and appreciation

How to eliminate insects in dogs
How to eliminate insects in dogs

Insects in dogs

He who raises a dog of any kind always wants to provide him with the means to rest in his own life, and that this beautiful creature does not find what he passes through to describe the extent of the pain that he feels in many times, and the causes of this pain in a great form of insects, as the problem of insects in dogs is a problem that he suffers from. Many, whether breeders or dogs themselves, and I will list here my personal experience with dog bugs and methods of treating them with proven methods that I came up with after a great suffering.

Types of insects in dogs

Types of insects in dogs are many, but the most important ones are ticks and fleas, and the breeding of these insects inside your dog leads to many problems that reach the level of paralysis of the dog itself and God forbid.

Methods of eliminating insects in dogs

First is where dogs live

If your dog lives in the garden and not the house, the garden should be sprayed well with dizanon, which is mixed with water with a bottle of daysanon 250 ml per 5 liters of water. They should be handled with caution, and gags and hand gloves should be worn before using this material.

This process is repeated in the garden of the house and the place to live the dog every 10 days at least three times, and then every month, especially in the summer and the periods of breeding of ticks and insects.

Secondly, dealing with the dog itself

There are many products for removing insects from dogs, some of which are expensive and cheap, but here I convey to you my experience personally and in all safety.

There are more than one way to treat insects in dogs. Some are cheap and others are more expensive. We will eat here on Monday and you have a choice.

The first way

The use of insect ampoules There are many types on the market, but here I will mention to you the best types on the Egyptian market and on their experience

Advantix, which is a German industry that eliminates insects and is given according to weight, and its impact on the dog's body remains from 23 days to a month, after which it is repeated, but its effect is certain and on trial, and its price ranges between 225 to 245 EGP

Frontline and it is an American industry and also the ampoules here are according to weight and their effect remains for about a month and their effect is also certain and very guaranteed and the price ranges between 350 and 375 for the ampoule and here I am talking about large dogs, but you can inquire about prices for smaller dogs In size.

Insect hoops

There are many insect collars on the market that protect your pet from insects, and each of them has instructions for use on the packaging that protect your dog from insects for a period ranging from 4 to 8 months, depending on the type of each collar and its price. Also

Scalibor, which is French-made collars, protects the dog from insects for about 4 months and costs 250 pounds

Seresto are German-made collars that protect your dog from insects for about 8 months, and their price ranges between 800 to 900 pounds.

The second way

And it is cheaper by periodically bathing the dog or whenever necessary, and I noticed the presence of insects in the dog, and the bathing is with a substance of Butox or Vetox, but I warn these substances with a degree of toxicity as they are pesticides before everything, but it is possible that the dog is bathed with a amount of 1 cm On a liter of water, it is a safe percentage, but avoid the facial area to increase safety. After that, the dog is bathed with any light shampoo on the body, and this process is repeated when needed. .





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